GitHub Copilot With Android Studio

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3 min readJun 18, 2023

GitHub Copilot are primarily designed to work with Visual Studio Code (VS Code), Visual Studio, JetBrains and Neovim. And not supported officially Android studio and Xcode. But you can use this insane features anyway. But which way is the smoothest.

Let’s deep into. Now i wanna tell my experience using GitHub Copilot With Android Studio. I’ve heard many times that artificial intelligence will put programmers out of business via my colleagues. To be honest, i have no fear about this topic. But we have to say clearly that artificial intelligence will start to replace our colleagues even if in the software industry.

ENROLL GitHub Copilot

To use github copilot, you need to subscribe monthly or yearly.

GitHub Copilot PLUG-IN

To use github copilot in Android Studio, you have to install Github Copilot plugin via Android Studio -> Settings -> Plugins.

Android Studio -> Settings(Preferences) -> Plugins


You have to give access grant to Android Studio to get copilot suggestions and more. You can fallow 2 way to accomplish to this steps.

1-) Login to Github:

You can login “Login to Github” menu via Tools -> Github Copilot -> Login to Github

After that below pop-up will appear you. Please click blue “Copy and Open” button to open github web page and accept it.

2-) Add Github Account:

You can fallow this path(Android Studio -> Settings -> Github) to give permission. I prefer “Login with token” option.

Android Studio -> Settings -> Github

Generate token which is allow you to add your account to Android Studio via github. You can chose and expiration date.

generate github token

Press Generate Button to create a token

After that copy this token to clipboard.


You need to login to github via Android Studio -> Tools -> Login to Github.

Android Studio -> Tools -> Login to Github

While installation process, you have to restart android studio one or more time to fix plugins and other issues.

Now, you are ready to use. Let’s jump into to Android Studio.



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